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Hi I’m John Gurhy or The Irish Mortgage Guy. I have been in The Mortgage Business since 1987 when I came to this wonderful country from Ireland. During that time I have had the immense pleasure of helping thousands of happy customers secure financing. I am not aware of any unhappy clients. Many of them were first time buyers and immigrants like myself. I can honestly state that my present employer Mid America Bancorp is the best place I have worked with processing and  customer service second to none. You will get the lowest possible interest rate and closing costs with no processing fee. Full pre-approval same business day allowing you to shop for your dream home with confidence. I will give you something and keep it. That is my word of honor. I will come to your home or workplace. We can do loans in Illinois, Indiana, and Florida.

Remember you are not a stranger, just a friend I haven’t met.

Proudly standing for the American and Irish flags

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